250€ valued CityQ Coupon

250€ valued CityQ Coupon

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Purchase your CityQ coupon for only 49 € and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Use the 250 € cupon anyway you like – for renting, leasing or buying CityQ – or give/sell the 250€ valued cupon - to anyone, as long as we are informed.
  • Become a CityQ ambassador with invitations to all launch events and ambassador offerings
  • Be invited to testing, renting or buying in a city close to you - from end of 2021.

CityQ is planing a roadshow and launch event in cities with most responds to our campaigns.

Sign up for CityQ deal today – and benefit at any point later.
*NB! No commitment required  – just benefits! (by purchasing this coupon you're not obliged to proceed with the purchase  of CityQ ebike, you're absolutely free to use the coupon in anyway suistable.)